I was faced with a challenge, to automatically create a new package version and publish code to NPM after a Pull Request was merged on GitHub. After some tinkering, I made a solution using Travis CI. Here’s how it works.


  • A GitHub account
  • A Travis CI account (connect with GitHub)
  • A NPM account
  • Your repository needs to be set to public (only needed if you have the free plan on Travis CI)

Initial Configuration

First, go to NPM…

Source: streamelements.com

If you have a stream on Twitch or any other streaming platform, you may have heard of Stream Elements. Heck, you may even have configured it for your stream as well!

A great feature of Stream Elements is the “Sound Effects”, where your viewers can type something like “!clap” on the chat and a sound will play (you can even set some nice alerts when that happens too).

But one thing that always bothered me, is that if I’m playing some background music on my stream, and a sound effect is triggered, there would always be a lot of audio…

Touch Portal, a StreamDeck alternative for your phone (source: https://www.touch-portal.com/)

So you want some way of easily switching scenes on your stream, or sending alerts/playing audios, but don’t want to buy an expensive StreamDeck?

How about you use your own phone? Maybe even an old phone you have lying around… Tablets work too!

Introducing… Touch Portal! The easy way to get some buttons to switch scenes and stuff on your stream, for FREE!

RaceRoom WebHUD, a very useful overlay for your racing needs.

How it looks like in-game
How it looks like in-game
How it looks like in-game


The above link is for the sample tool developed by Sector 3 themselves, to showcase how to use the shared memory from RaceRoom.

To install, you need to go click on the green Code button, then on Download ZIP.

Bruno Brito

Bruno Duarte Brito. Race car driver? Twitch streamer? Software engineer? Who knows…

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